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Secure investments offers advice on investment strategies like the Active Asset Allocator model and may give examples of specific stocks and ETF’s that satisfy the criteria of the different strategies for education and illustrative purposes. It is the responsibility of individual subscribers or investors to assess the merits and risks of the different strategies and to assess the different stocks and ETF’s that may satisfy the relevant criteria in deciding whether to invest in particular investment instruments or otherwise. Secure Investments cannot and will not guarantee or represent that any investment strategy or investment will produce a positive result. It is the individual responsibility of each subscriber or investor to assess these risks in light of their own financial circumstances and investment requirements and in consultation with their own investment advisor. Each investor must accept that the value of their investments can fall as well as rise and act accordingly.

One2One Investment Advice

In addition to the services provided on this website, we offer tailored investment advice on a one-to-one basis under separate arrangement. In this regard, Secure Investments is authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland to provide investment advisory services covering listed shares and bonds and collective investments, which include units or shares in undertakings for collective investment schemes including unit trusts and UCITS. Our services cover the provision of independent investment advice only. It is each client’s responsibility to establish a direct relationship with the various financial institutions that are the providers of investment products, typically including stockbrokers, insurance companies, wealth managers and banks. Secure Investments’ services are exclusively advisory. We do not handle client money.

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