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We look forward to working with you to help deliver a secure financial future for you and your family. Established in Dublin in 2012, Secure Investments in an investment and research firm that delivers results, consistently, for our clients. We have designed a range of world-class investment strategies that deliver positive returns in all market conditions, with less risk than the multi-asset funds against which we compete. Our portfolio management approach is founded on the core principles of CAPITAL PRESERVATION, RISK MANAGEMENT and INDEPENDENT THINKING.

We are experts in the field of precious metals and gold forms a core part of what we do each day and how we think about the world. We use gold to anchor every portfolio we manage. There is a powerful bull market underway in gold, which is accelerating. Don’t get left behind. Contact us today to participate in what should be an epic journey of price discovery and profitability.
In a world of increasing volatility and uncertainty, you need SECURE INVESTMENTS.


Active Asset Allocator

The Active Asset Allocator is built on our core beliefs of capital preservation, risk management and independent thinking. The strategy is designed to participate in broad stock market trends, profiting during medium-term rallies but protecting capital during sustained market declines. The strategy is actively managed and invests in a mix of equities, bonds, precious metals and cash and has returned over +9% per annum since inception for our clients.

gOLD trader

Gold Trader is an innovative strategy designed to take advantage of a pattern we have identified that repeats with regularity in the gold market. Gold Trader buys daily cycle lows and sells daily cycle highs, aiming to make a profit of 5%-6% per trade, while risking just 3% each time. Gold Trader has a win rate over 70%, making Gold Trader one of the best investment strategies in the business. Gold Trader delivers market-beating returns, TAX FREE, to the investor. Call us today to find out more.


The Active Asset Allocator strategy has returned +9% per annum since inception. In Q1 2020 when stock markets plunged by -20% and the average Irish multi-asset fund declined by -14%, the Active Asset Allocator delivered a positive return. CAPITAL PRESERVATION. RISK MANAGEMENT. INDEPENDENT THINKING.

Gold Trader returned +25% in 2020. 2X Gold Trader returned +52% in 2020. This compares to a return of +15% for an investment in physical gold over the same period. No other strategy comes close. Gold Trader delivers market-beating returns, TAX FREE, to the investor. Call us today to find out more.


Personal Clients

We offer a range of wealth management and investment advisory services to meet the requirements of our clients and their families.

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Pension Clients

Are you saving enough for your retirement? Are you earning a sufficient return on your pension investments to secure a comfortable pathway to retirement for you and your family? At Secure Investments, we work hard to deliver results for our clients, so you don’t have to.


Corporate Clients

We manage investment portfolios for corporate clients looking to generate a secure, stable return on capital in a risk-controlled way. Capital preservation is ingrained in our investment process.

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