At Secure Investments. we provide a fully integrated wealth management solution for clients using our market-leading Active Asset Allocator investment strategy for just 0.50% per annum. Our investment advisory service is tailored to meet your individual investment goals and objectives. At the same time, our clients are able to reduce their annual investment cost by 50-90% each year.

What We Offer?

  1. Independent advice covering all major asset classes with a focus on precious metals;
  2. Market-beating investment returns with a strong focus on risk management;
  3. Recommendations on how to tailor an investment plan to your individual requirements;
  4. Partnership with the largest online brokerage firm in the United States via their online trading platform. 

If you would like more information on the services we provide, please contact Brian Delaney at 086 821 5911 or In the meantime, you can browse through our reports, strategies, research and charts and if you like what you see, we would be delighted to welcome you as a Secure Investments client.


We issue detailed investment reports each month that include our current outlook on equities, bonds, currencies, commodities and precious metals. Our reports also include up-to-date asset allocation and performance data on our core investment strategy, the Active Asset Allocator model. We also issue regular Market Alerts to update subscribers on developing trends and any changes to our investment views. We offer clear opinion that often differs from the consensus. Our core strategy has delivered a return in excess of +13% per annum since inception. Our investment strategy and risk management tools work together to deliver great results for our clients. Please visit the 'Reports' section of the site for more information.


Our Active Asset Allocator strategy is a core offering at Secure Investments that combines an actively managed mix of global equities, bonds, gold and cash. Changes to the asset mix are made based on proprietary research we have developed over the years and are communicated to clients by email and in our monthly reports. This strategy is implemented using low cost ETF's. For more information on how to implement this strategy in a cost effective way, please visit the 'Strategies' of our website.


 Our research is designed to provide a completely independent view of multiple asset classes. We use a combination of macroeconomic, monetary and technical analysis to form our opinions. We also use company research and a study of investor sentiment to shape our views. Our investment recommendations are included in the our published reports. Please visit the 'Research' section of the site for more information.


We offer an expanding database of charts give clients an opportunity to study the current and historic performance of different markets up close. Our chart service covers global equity, fixed income, currency, commodity and precious metals sectors. If you have a specific area of interest, please let us know and we will tailor our database to your requirements. Please visit the 'Charts' section of the site for more information.