Gold Trader - Trade 9

Trade 9 closed on Thursday at $1,267 with a small gain of +0.6%. Following a $70 drop in the gold price in early October, I entered Trade 9 on 7th October at $1,260 in the expectation of capturing the start of a new Investor Cycle (IC) for gold. First daily cycles are generally quite powerful, but there was a lack of energy with this move. Gold added only $15 over 14 trading days before retracing part of the move this week. This means gold is still working on finishing the current IC, which I expect will take another 5-15 days to complete, after which, Gold Trader - Trade 10 will look to re-enter the market. Stay tuned.

After 9 trades, Gold Trader has returned +7.9% and Gold PowerTrader has returned +1.6%.


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