Gold Trader - Trade 12

Gold Trader Trade 12 closed on Tuesday at $1,227 for a gain of +2.0% and has returned +4.4% in 2017 YTD. Gold PowerTrader closed for a gain of +3.5% and has returned +7.8% in 2017 YTD).

Gold's third and fourth daily cycles are typically quite weak, topping early and spending the majority of time in decline. I entered Trade 12, a short position in gold, on 28th March at $1,252 in anticipation of catching the latter part of gold's DC3 decline. A short-time later, the US dropped the 'Mother of all Bombs' on ISIS caves in Afghanistan (13th April) causing a short-term spike in the gold price. News-based events can skew the cycle from time to time, but the gold cycle always plays out in the end. Patience was rewarded and I have closed out another profitable trade for the strategy.


Even though gold may not appear that strong at first glance, for the first time in years, gold has put in three right-translated daily cycles in a row during the current investor cycle. During each daily cycle, gold has spent more time rising than falling. This is a change in character for the precious metal and a sign that the bull market is returning.

The next trade could be another short position at the top of DC4 if a low risk set up occurs. Gold has another 3-6 weeks before the next investor cycle low, potentially around $1,170. Once that low is in place, I expect a very strong move higher for the metal and mining companies.

After 12 trades, Gold Trader has returned +8.4% and Gold PowerTrader has returned +2.6%.

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