Gold Trader - Trade 18

Gold Trader: Trade 18 closed on 16th October at $1,299 for a gain of +1.6%. Gold Trader has returned +8.1% in 2017 YTD, while Gold PowerTrader has returned +13.8% in 2017 YTD.

I entered Trade 18, a long position in gold, on 3rd October at $1,278. This trade was a second attempt to catch gold's turn higher into the start of DC3. Gold daily cycles typically run 22-29 days on average. I bought gold on day 39 of DC2, after stopping out for a 3% loss on the previous trade. I generally do not buy DC3 lows but the set up was low risk and there was a chance that gold could break $1,300 and run to $1,350, so I was happy to place the trade on this occasion. 

gold st.jpg

Gold ran into resistance yesterday, 16th October just above $1,300, on day 6 of DC3. Given that we are in the latter half of gold's current IC, there is a risk that gold could decline into an ICL over the next few weeks, so I closed the trade at $1,299 for a gain of 1.6%.

After 18 trades, Gold Trader has returned +12.3% and Gold PowerTrader has returned +8.2%.

gold trader performance table.png

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