Q. How do I subscribe to your service?

Please visit the Subscribe page in the main menu. A subscription to the site costs €350/year. Please email brian.delaney@secureinvest.ie if you would like to start your subscription today. If you have any questions or difficulties, please use this email to contact us.

Q. What services are provided with a paid subscription?

A paid subscription gives you full access to the website, where you can study our growing library of investment reports and research, follow our investment strategies and analyse the hundreds of charts available for your use.  

Q. What type of investment instruments are recommended?

Investment recommendations will typically be limited to exchange traded funds (ETF's) so our subscribers are not exposed to stock specific risks that can cause lasting damage to investment portfolios over time. For the average investor, ETF's offer both simplicity and diversification benefits that are appropriate. 

Q. How do I receive updates?

Our Investor Letter is posted to the website each month and Market Alerts and investment research are posted on a more frequent basis. Charts and market data are updated each week. We are working on setting up an automatic email notification service to let you know when new content is posted to the website. Until that is up and running, we will email subscribers as new content is added. Our charts and market data will be automatically updated each week so please check back regularly to the website to keep informed.

Q. Do you have a model portfolio?

The goal of this website is to educate and help subscribers generate an improved level of investment performance at a lower level of risk than a more traditionally managed investment portfolio. We do operate a model portfolio, combining a mix of equities, bonds and gold, that is actively managed over time to capture major trends across the capital markets. Model portfolio asset allocation decisions taken over time are for information purposes only and should not be deemed to constitute investment advice. Subscribers should not act on investment decisions discussed on this website without prior consultation with a licensed professional who is qualified to evaluate each person's individual facts and circumstances. Please note that If any reader makes decisions based solely on the information on this website without prior consultation with a qualified, licensed professional, the reader does so at his or her own risk and agrees that Secure Investments shall have no liability resulting from such action or decisions by the reader.