Moment of Truth

The moment of truth has arrived for the stock market. Either the top is in and this bear-market rally is about to roll over, or the past 10 months have been nothing more than a sharp correction in an ongoing bull market. We should find out soon enough. The Active Asset Allocator remains defensively positioned for now with an asset mix of 20% equities, 30% bonds, 30% gold, 20% cash.


We began 2016 with a waterfall decline in the stock market, the worst start to the year in recorded history. At the January 2016 low, stocks had declined -21% from their May 2015 peak. The market has experienced a powerful and impressive rally over the last 4 weeks, back to the now down-sloping 50-week moving average (50WMA). The FTSE All World Index, the global stock market barometer, closed the week just 6 points below the 50WMA. I am expecting stock markets to turn lower shortly but remain flexible to both bullish and bearish views. Stay tuned.