Technical Trend Indicator: 24th September 2014

How useful has the Technical Trend Indicator (TTI) been as a market timing tool? Very useful it turns out; the TTI has proven to be an excellent barometer of the overall market trend and has caught many of the large inflection points in the stock market over the last seven years as shown in the chart below. The TTI drives the asset allocation decisions taken in Active Asset Allocator Model, which has delivered a 12% per annum return since inception with less risk than the average multi-asset fund.

The market timing signals are infrequent and very timely. In fact, although I cut back the risk in the Active Asset Allocator portfolio in June 2013, as the equity bull market is now quite mature, my technical timing tool has yet to give an all out sell signal. 


Investing in the stock market over the last decade has been a roller coaster ride. However, With my technical trend indicator, you get to take a seat at the front of the train and ride in the first carriage, giving you enough time to prepare for the peaks and troughs of the stock market and plan accordingly. For more information, you can reach Brian Delaney at 086 821 5911 or by email at